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Like many any other folks, I believe that cooking is a skill which means that the more I practice, the better I become. And with practice comes knowledge about what to do when certain oh-no-what-do-i-do-problems i.e. shells in the egg yolk, boiling-over pots of water, peeling garlic, etc. arises.

So as my cooking “game” continues, I also discover, (by searching, of course) some simple ways to make the process easier along the way. And like my recipes, I am happy to share the following simple yet helpful cooking tips that anyone could use. As a chef of your own, you just have to try these tips yourself for you to believe it, and take note, they’d been surprisingly proven to be very effective solutions by various professional chefs around the globe.

Keep Honey From Sticking

Have you ever wondered how to stop a sticky substances like honey sticking to the spoon as you measure it out? The solution is very simple. Dip the spoon in oil, or rub a melted butter on it first and voila. Problem solved!