Coffee and Pandesal

A plate of “Pan de Sal” given by a friend, from Oklahoma City.

~Coffee and Pan de Sal~
~Coffee and Pan de Sal~

These are just buns, I know, and there’s nothing really fancy here. I just could not resist myself from sharing this famous Philippines breakfast stuff that “everyone” loves. Pan de Sal is what we call a “typical Filipino munch-on breakfast” bread. This and coffee, and this duo pretty much get along well. They may look plain and boring but I guess, wait ’til you taste ’em because this stuff is certainly addicting. -Thanks, Ate Rhoda! You brought a “typical morning coffee routine” to our Texas home for a moment. 🙂

Being a (former) Filipina, I am so used to having this “duo” back in the Philippines since my toddler days. And it’s been awhile since I had it last time. The bread is called Pan de Sal or Pandesal and is the most popular yeast-raised bread in my native country, Philippines. Individual loaves are shaped like garrison caps due to its unique method of forming. The dough is rolled into long logs like french bread, and are rolled in fine fresh bread crumbs. These are then cut into portions and are allowed to rise often times on pans and baked. These are actually pretty good if they are done right. Its taste and texture closely resemble of the American dinner wheat rolls sans bred crumbs, in my opinion.

This breakfast usually serves with typical American-like breakfast, and some people prefers to have ’em just as it is shown in the picture. They’d dip the bread into the coffee and eat it as is. It may sound weird for some, but really, it isn’t. Lol.

My husband actually liked the Pan de Sal himself, so I would probably be making this one soon, and in fact, hubby has been hinting me already. Guess, I’ll be finding myself “rolling” in the kitchen very soon. Haha!

Happy Breakfast Everyone! 🙂

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